Sustainability Initiatives

Borger’s sustainability commitment is a concerted effort by the Borger Team to make the world a better place socially and environmentally. Borger believes in the Triple Bottom Line approach to measuring their performance.  The specifics of Borger’s Environmental Sustainability is detailed under the environment attachment. 

In its sustainability efforts, Borger has internally created a cross sectional group of 10 members of the Borger Team to make up Borger’s Board on Sustainability and Impact (BONSAI). This rotating Board of 6 month terms includes the CEO as chair. This Board creates aggressive environmental and social targets for Borger to live by, derives meaningful innovations towards helping Borger attain those targets, ensures the implementation of those innovations and is responsible for rewarding and measuring the corresponding results.

Some of Borger’s Social Sustainability initiatives include the following:

Equal Opportunity Employer: Borger believes in being an equal opportunity employer. The construction industry is more than 80% male dominated.  However, at Borger their Earthworks team has the unique distinction of being more than 50% female. This anomaly is not the result of any direct initiative at Borger to hire females but rather the conscious choice to hire the best persons regardless of gender.

Philanthropic and Community Donations: Borger believes in giving back to the communities in which it works. Borger donates a generous percentage of profits each year towards more than 50 of Alberta’s philanthropic organizations. Some of the more notable recent donations include $250,000 to the Resolve Campaign; an initiative to end homelessness in Calgary and a $250,000 donation towards the SAIT Engineering Program. Borger is also the lead sponsor in the annual Building Hope for Kids Gala as well as highest level sponsor in many other charity initiatives. 

Philanthropic and Community Involvement: Borger is actively involved in many industry organizations in an effort to be proactive in promoting social and environmental sustainability among its peers. Borger also has implemented a unique staffing methodology that enables Borger to donate time, expertise and resources on a rotating basis to charitable causes. Through the contribution of team time and Borger resources, Borger was recognized as a Hero of the Flood in 2013.

Team Training: Borger’s comprehensive training program runs throughout the entire year with on-site training in the working season combined with extensive classroom training in the off-season. Borger has partnered up with Old College to provide the most comprehensive in-house training program in its industry. Borger University or Borger U as the team calls it, is a place to learn and promote innovations and long term social and environmental sustainability.

Team Wellness: Borger believes in its team. Borger is a workplace founded on respect, safety and fun!  Borger’s safety and respect initiatives are well documented in the safety section of this site. Borger also is particularly sensitive to human rights within its team.

Supply Chain Management:  Borger is not only sensitive to its own sustainability measures but also pushes for increased sustainability among its supply chains. 

Borger genuinely embraces and practices sustainability while remaining economically sound.  These efforts promote team engagement and vitality.