Construction can be a dangerous business; overhead loads, icy ditches, massive machinery working closely with the ground team, undulating terrain, extreme temperatures, tapping into pressurized pipes, digging near gas lines, working around power lines, installing heavy materials and working with hazardous products are just a few of the dangers that need to be handled safely when working at Borger.

At Borger Safety is so much more than just a requirement - it’s the cornerstone of our Culture and our values. There is nothing more important at Borger than having a safe work environment. 

In addition to its world class safety processes and procedures, Borger believes that an optimally safe work environment can only result when a culture is founded on respect. One such initiative to create this foundation is the requirement for every member of the Borger team to be RESPECT certified. Borger has a zero tolerance policy as it relates to disrespectful conduct in the workplace.

Borger also believes that everyone on the Borger team is equally responsible and has an equal voice in creating a safe environment. In addition to Borger’s cross divisional rotating safety committee, Borger has a mechanism in place that gives every individual at Borger the ability to stop any site, any time, with complete immunity, whenever that team member perceives that the environment has become unsafe. The site remains at a standstill until the risk is assessed by at least two safety officers.

The Borger environment is always changing and as a result the Borger team frequently encounters new risks and hazards. Optimal safety requires at a minimum that every near miss is reported; this is a most useful way to learn, resulting in continuous improvements to our safety best practices Borger has a zero tolerance policy towards not reporting near misses.

Borger is extremely passionate about safety and has found a way to make it fun by engaging and rewarding employees through daily, weekly, monthly and annual rewards programs. In 2013, Borger took 630 members of its team to the Grey Cup final to celebrate its 1,500 days no time loss record. This year Borger is planning a Summer Safety Carnival for every member of its team and their families celebrate reaching 3,000 days of consecutive no time loss. Days of no time loss is calculated as the combined consecutive no-time-loss records of its three divisions (Earthworks, Underground and Transportation). 

Borger in incredibly proud to have just been awarded Canada’s Safest Employers Award in Building and Construction (2014). This award represents not just having world class policies and procedures in place but also recognizes that Borger is a leader and innovator in Safety. In 2015, Borger is introducing 10 new significant unique and innovative safety initiatives including a fun new initiative called the “Safety Stand Down!” 

If you are planning a career at Borger, safety needs to be one of your values too!

At Borger the Senior Safety Manager reports directly to the CEO.