Environmental Initiatives

Borger believes in protecting the environment and as a result has many key initiatives directed towards the following areas:

  1. Carbon Footprint: Borger believes in reducing its carbon footprint. Borger burns millions of litres of fuel per year and reducing the fuel consumption per inflation adjusted dollar of revenue by 15% by 2025 as compared to 2010 is a major goal. 
  2. Water Impact: Borger believes in not wasting water. Borger utilizes millions of litres of water per year and reducing its water consumption per dollar of revenue by 15% through recycling and more efficient construction methodologies by 2025 as compared to 2010 is a major goal. 
  3. Erosion and Sediment Control and Dewatering: Borger believes in Erosion and Sediment Control and Dewatering. Borger has implemented a number of new erosion and sediment control and dewatering measures that have qualified for the SR&ED program and Borger wishes to continue being a leader in this area.
  4. Waste to Landfill: Borger believes in waste reduction. Borger has implemented a number of innovations pertaining to the efficient recycling and reuse of materials and is looking to continue improving its standards and actively supporting each municipality’s environmental policies.
  5. Gravel and Sand: Borger believes in the conscientious use of gravel and sand. The mining of gravel and sand is a very environmentally impactful process. Borger currently utilizes hundreds of thousands of tonnes of gravel each year and is focused on leading edge methodologies to reduce its proportionate usage. Borger is equally focused on changing various city specifications that stipulate the use of certain products which during mining create unusable and excessive by-products.
  6. Natural Habitat: Borger believes in responsible construction that protects and preserves the areas adjacent to construction.  Borger takes pride in ensuring each site has a viable eco plan in place prior to construction to minimize the impact on the surrounding natural habitats.
  7. Tree Protection: Borger believes that trees are an important part of our urban environment and has a mandate to protect these trees whenever possible.
  8. No Contaminants: Borger believes in protecting the environment from contaminants. Everything from protection of the ground from contaminants in its cutting and coring operation, repair activities or the refueling processes, Borger has a zero tolerance policy.
  9. Energy Conservation: Borger believes in being environmentally conscious within its buildings as well as on construction sites and is currently working on plans for its new head office to be leading edge in environmental conservation.
  10. Release Reporting: Borger believes in the proper reporting and the involvement of experts to address and resolve any environmental violation.  Environmental violations cannot be hidden but need to be resolved to the optimal level.

In addition to capitalizing on environmental ideas from many other sources, Borger has internally created a cross sectional group of 10 members of the Borger Team make up Borger’s Board on Sustainability and Impact (BONSAI).  This rotating Board of 6 month terms includes the CEO as chair.  This Board creates aggressive environmental targets for Borger to live by, derives meaningful innovations towards helping Borger attain those targets, ensures the implementation of those innovations and is responsible for rewarding and measuring the corresponding results.